Associate spotlight: Sheila Poirier



Sheila Poirier didn’t expect to be recognized when she started working at New Pond Village about a year ago. She was just happy to score a job at a beautiful place with wonderful residents.

Sheila’s hard work, dedication and wonderful skills earned her praise from the residents and her manager, David Marascio, director of environmental services at New Pond Village.

“Success usually comes to those like Sheila who are too busy to be looking for it,” says David.

Sheila PoirierSheila said the housekeeping job at New Pond Village is perfect. She describes the community as a “little city” and gets to experience all aspects of it every day. “I go to Assisted Living, Independent Living and Memory Care and they all are very different, but so very nice.”

Sheila is pretty humble, and when recognized with a service championship of the month honor this past summer, she said wanted to crawl under a rock. The honor came with the option of a day off or $100. She took the $100.

While she did not appreciate the public recognition, Sheila said she appreciated the words. “What they said was very nice and it was very kind.”

“I love our residents. They keep me coming back every day. I love every one of them. I love my Sunday mornings with my residents and my Saturday with resident Lois Fitzgerald.”

Sheila works a Wednesday through Sunday schedule that allows her to spend time during the week with her children and grandchildren.

“I like to bake. We do Friday nights with my kids and I make Friday night chicken,” she says.

Sheila grew up in Norwood, just up the road from Walpole, and has two daughters. One of their favorite pastimes is attending country music concerts. She said they went to see Kenny Chesney at Gillette Stadium recently. Her favorite Chesney song: Get Along.

She said the family also enjoys spending time at their summer place in Maine.

Sheila’s last job was at a hospital as a Certified Nursing Assistant for 10 years. The hospital closed and she was out of work for about five weeks until the opportunity at New Pond Village presented itself.

“New Pond Village is such a beautiful campus. The buildings are well maintained and this is a much better atmosphere than the hospital. It is more family oriented and you get to know everyone. It is night and day. This is so much more laid back,” she says.

At the end of the day, Sheila says it’s the residents who make her days brighter.

“I make a lot connections with the residents. The residents are very good to me.”

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