Don’t retire to do housework. Choose New Pond Village and enjoy independence



Who wants to spend 24 hours a month doing housework? You don’t have to if you choose New Pond Village as your new home.

According to a recent study from U.S. News & World Report, the typical person spends one hour and 44 minutes on housework, food preparation, garden care and other household management activities per day.

Retirees ages 65 to 74 spend two hours and 32 minutes daily working around the house but not at New Pond Village. Residents can leave that all behind and enjoy activities, meals, neighbors, trips, sports activities and a maintenance-free lifestyle.

From concerts, day trips, musicals, zoos, museums, book reviews and art, there is truly something for everyone on the monthly calendar. You can spend time outside the house enjoying friends and neighbors and leave the yard work for someone else.

New Pond Village residents choose independence and enjoy a carefree lifestyle. New Pond Village Resident Leif Jacobsen is one example of someone who knows how to retire and he also knows those who did not retire the “right way” as he describes it.

Leif chose New Pond Village because it is a community and he maintains his independence by serving on three boards of different companies.

“It’s not like buying a condo. Every day there is something fun to do. A lot of people do come here for the social scene because it is a close-knit community of warm and engaging people.”

For Leif, there is no more housework or yard work and he is empowered by the decision he made when he chose New Pond Village. Household chores no longer rule his day.

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