"It feels like home," says resident Bob Randall



For Bob Randall and his wife, moving from their longtime home in Walpole to an apartment home at New Pond Village across town was, in his words, “like moving home.”

“Walpole has been our home for more than 50 years,” he said. “I was tired of cutting the grass. It felt like I was spending more time maintaining my home than I was doing anything else. We moved to New Pond Village five years ago, and we love it. We’re lucky to have four children and eight grandchildren close by, and they enjoy visiting us here!”

Bob Randall

As senior living communities continue to expand luxury amenities, access to interesting programming and opportunities to be an active part of the larger community, independent seniors are enjoying a lifestyle in retirement that rivals that of a vacation. Bob can attest to just that.

“We’ve been on 22 cruises in our lifetime, and we love to travel,” he says. “Living at New Pond Village is really like being on a cruise without the boat! We have access to all kinds of activities, great food and new friends.”

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