John Tincler: Managing the country store and enjoying life at New Pond Village


As a retired artificial intelligence worker at Raytheon - a large defense contractor- John Tincler describes his life at New Pond Village, a picturesque community in Walpole, Massachusetts, quite simply: "It's being independent. I do what I want, when I want."

John fully-embraces this independence as the manager of the on-site country store and gains great satisfaction knowing he is helping fellow residents and the community. "What I spend a good bit of time doing is managing the country store," says John happily.

John stepped up for the position of country store manager and never looked back. "The country store creates the familiar comfort that you would get in a small town. It is a place where my fellow residents and our families gather."

He loves interacting with fellow residents and people just stopping by and creating a small town feel right in the middle of the New Pond Village community.

"I keep busy. There are so many things to do, so many activities," says John. He finds time to pursue his lifelong passion of reading while taking great pride in giving back to his New Pond Village community through volunteering at the country store.

John has never been one to sit on the sidelines and let others dictate the course of his life. Ever since he moved to New Pond Village seven years ago he has jumped right in to help make New Pond Village one of the most desired retirement living locations in Massachusetts. As president of the Resident Council and active member of the marketing committee, John says he is empowered to work with residents and management to help ensure a vibrant and engaged community.

John loves that there is choice at New Pond Village. He can have a full day of enticing events and activities or he can relax and read a good book. He is truly the author of his own retirement story and is having a great time each day writing new chapters.
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