New Pond Village incorporates the latest memory care trends



Memory care offers a specialized environment for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Within a memory care community, a variety of factors — including physical features, activities and programming, dining, individual residences, and services and amenities — work synergistically to provide a supportive home base for residents.

At New Pond Village, we’re dedicated to offering the ideal setting in our Mind & Memory program for your loved one to thrive. What are some of the latest memory care trends that New Pond Village is incorporating to provide the best possible experience for residents?

Interior design elements

The look and feel of the physical space within memory care can make a significant difference in residents’ quality of life and daily enjoyment. New Pond Village incorporates the latest advances in interior design, including effective use of colors and patterns to aid residents in understanding their surroundings.

Contrasting colors assist with depth perception, while specific color schemes can help residents find their way to their personal apartments, common areas and dining venues. Pieces of highly recognizable art also are used decoratively and as way-finding tools, and personal items displayed outside apartments assist individuals with recognizing their residence entrances.

We also incorporate use of gentle lighting — including ample natural light — to help residents adjust to times for sleeping and becoming more active.

Use of outdoor spaces

Spending time in nature can prove meaningful and positive for many residents with memory loss. At New Pond Village, we incorporate gardens and courtyards to help residents get fresh air and enjoy exposure to the natural sights and sounds found outdoors.

Dining as a social experience

Daily meals serve not only to nourish us physically, but to feed our spirits and emotions as we take time to slow down and interact with others. In memory care at New Pond Village, we’re dedicated to providing a dining experience that respects residents’ individuality and dignity.

With elegantly set tables and food prepared to meet individual dietary needs, we strive to make mealtimes special occasions that encourage discussion and positive social interactions.

Specialized training

To become a member of our memory care team at New Pond Village, individuals must demonstrate their commitment to residents — as well as their skill and expertise. Through careful screening and ongoing training, we ensure that our staff continually add to their specialized knowledge to ensure the highest possible level of care for memory care residents.

Using the latest technologies

As technology moves forward, New Pond Village is committed to keeping abreast of the latest developments — and implementing them when appropriate — to provide the most exceptional memory care services possible. From safety and security to way-finding, better sleep and relaxation, entertainment, and wearable devices, we continually analyze the latest memory care technological trends to identify those that can improve quality of life for residents.

A focus on the individual

Among the many trends in memory care in recent years, we believe the most important is a greater focus on individuals. We reject trends that only consider residents as a homogenous group without looking at each individual as a whole person with their own specific preferences.

By implementing carefully chosen trends in memory care, we work to create an environment that continues to meet the needs of every individual resident. To learn more about our Mind & Memory program at New Pond Village, please contact us.

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