Safety and security in memory care



As Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia progress, they can cause physical changes that negatively impact safety and security. Confused behavior, impaired judgment, difficulties with balance, and changes in hearing and vision all can contribute to challenges and potential danger for your family member.

When individuals with dementia continue to live on their own, they may experience additional threats to safety. Stairs, household chemicals, kitchen appliances, sharp objects and other hazards increase the risk of injury, and dementia may inhibit your family member’s ability to respond appropriately to emergency situations.

In a memory care community, your loved one can enjoy a safe, secure environment with a variety of personal touches that create a welcoming atmosphere. What are some of the ways the memory care neighborhood at New Pond Village provides for the safety and security of residents?

Daily activities

At New Pond Village, our memory care neighborhood provides a personalized environment to meet the needs of residents with memory impairment, including Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. We provide multiple services and amenities to ensure residents’ safety as they enjoy meals, social activities and their private residences.

In memory care, trained staff members provide a variety of services for your family member throughout the day. From bathing and dressing to eating, taking medications, traveling to doctor’s appointments, and engaging in activities, memory care provides around-the-clock supervision and support to keep your loved one safe.

Staffing for safety and security

Our memory care neighborhood at New Pond Village includes ample staffing to ensure personal care and attention for every resident. At every level of health and ability, residents receive the support they need to enjoy life to the fullest each day in a safe, secure environment.

Every staff member in our memory care neighborhood completes a thorough COMPASS training program to achieve a high level of expertise in Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Special security features

At New Pond Village, residents of our memory care neighborhood enjoy a variety of special features that help promote safety and security. Our team members work diligently to create a relaxing environment that helps minimize stress and anxiety for individuals with dementia. Welcoming gathering spots, inviting colors, ample natural light and delicious meals all contribute to a stress-free community for your family member.

A special emphasis on meal times also helps promote a serene living experience in our secure neighborhood environment, and residents enjoy delectable cuisine without the need for kitchen appliances in their private residences. Interior design features, colors, navigational assistance and lighting work together to encourage feelings of comfort for residents.

At New Pond Village, your family member will enjoy a welcoming, safe and secure environment. Please contact us today to plan a visit to our memory care neighborhood.

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