The Mind and Memory difference



Coping with memory loss is distressing, not only for the person experiencing it, but for the caregivers in their lives. Caregivers often find themselves adapting to constantly changing situations, while needing to cope with both the practical demands of care and the emotional impact of a person's dementia.

Tasha Thomas, director of memory care of New Pond Village, explains how the Mind & Memory approach to care goes beyond reminders and assistance: “Mind & Memory is about understanding the individual and what matters most to them. Our goal is for residents to continue to live their best life each day, and our new Mind & Memory neighborhood is ready to empower residents to do just that,” says Thomas.

Remember “S” – support, safety and simplicity.


Our residents are surrounded by people committed to getting to know them, their strengths, hobbies and goals. An individualized approach to care provides the consistency and customization residents need to continue to celebrate great moments in life.

The Mind & Memory difference is about surrounding each resident with family, emotional and cognitive support to address the whole person and connect him/her to his/her fullest potential.

We understand that the transition for caregivers is difficult. The Mind & Memory approach provides the peace of mind caregivers need to feel empowered in their care decisions and supported by a team of committed professionals.


On-campus services in assisted living, independent living and memory care provide the support our residents need, at any stage of health.

Each member of the Mind & Memory staff is required to complete a comprehensive COMPASS training program, giving our team a unique perspective and unparalleled level of expertise.

Our Mind & Memory neighborhood is specifically designed for senior individuals with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. The design includes visual cues and themes to stimulate memory and help residents find their way, contrasting wall colors to help them better identify their surroundings, and special lighting to reduce distracting shadows in common areas.

A meticulous attention to detail provides the safety our residents need to feel engaged and their families to feel confident.


Living in the moment matters. Cognitive decline may cause each day to seem brand new to a resident. The Mind & Memory approach focuses on daily activities and consistency in a caregiver associate to create the routines residents need to feel comfortable.

Caregivers adapt the residents’ activities based on each individual’s needs that day and focus on their strengths in order to  provide opportunities to enjoy each moment during the day.

As the first certified memory care community in Walpole, Massachusetts, our Mind & Memory neighborhood at New Pond Village is committed to filling a significant gap in care to the Walpole and surrounding communities. The Mind & Memory approach is derived from nearly two decades of experience working with seniors with memory loss.

We understand the importance of consistency and individualized care for those in cognitive decline. The Mind & Memory approach provides the support residents need and empowers families and caregivers to be confident in their decision to join the New Pond Village community.

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